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Added Value Egg Products

Available from either UK or EU fully BRC accredited processors

Scrambled Egg (cooked and chilled)

This product is supplied in chilled 2 kg bags and is excellent for reheating and serving – or useful as an addition with a product designed for reheating at a later stage.

Scrambled Egg (chilled or frozen liquid format)

This product is supplied as either chilled or frozen. A blend of egg, milk, cream, milk and seasoning, simply pour and heat to produce a superb end product. Used extensively across the foodservice sector.

Boiled Egg (cooked and chilled)

Standard cage, barn, free range or organic derivatives are available in a variety of pack sizes...chopped boiled egg also available for sandwich manufacture.


Various varieties available, either plain or filled.

Other Products

We offer a wide and varied range, including long egg, diced egg, patties, etc etc – please contact Product Supplies Limited with your specific enquiry.

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